The Future of Digital Collectibles on WAX Starts with Us


Dear Fellow Punk Lovers ~ We envision our project to become the primary digital collectible collection on the ever-evolving WAX Blockchain. Although WAX is amongst the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystems in the world for NFTs and dApps, it is mostly known for its play-to-earn games rather than digital collectibles, which our collection aims to change for the better.

Our vision is to create a community where people from all WAX projects can gather around and socialize. What connects all of us is our love and commitment towards our unique Punks. Furthermore, Punks will be more than just simple digital collectibles. In fact, our aim is to create something unique that has never been done on WAX yet, such as hosting real life social events for our Punk holders. Additionally, we plan to enter into partnerships and collaborations with exciting and promising projects. Lastly, we would like to place decision-making power into the hands of our committed members through creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Consequently, initial owners and founders of the project will step down from their roles and the project will evolve through governance votes. Please note that while fully operating as a DAO is highly challenging on WAX currently, we aim to involve each and everyone of you in all important steps of our project. In addition, we decided to create a Wax Punks Treasury, which will be filled with a proportion of the sales volume. All members of the DAO (i.e., Punk holders) will be able to vote on what to spend the Treasury funds on. These investment opportunities could be Metaverse NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Deflationary Assets, or any other outstanding ideas. Finally, we will have monthly updates on our existing portfolio and distribute all profits proportionally amongst DAO members.

Many more interesting things to come, this is just the beginning. Remember, Punks strong together!


Please check out our current roadmap. Please kindly note that our Roadmap is subject to change, hence, more events will be added to this roadmap as we move forward together.


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Please join our community discord and telegram servers and follow us on our social media platforms to always stay up to date with WAX punks. (:

While we have both Telegram and Discord servers, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to definitely join our Discord server as most of the fun happens there.

Many more interesting things to come, this is just the beginning. Remember, Punks strong together!